Your count to help us reach 108,000 Sun Salutations

Namaste / Kia Ora,

Dear Participant,

Thank you all for participating in 2020 Yogathon NZ - Health for Humanity. Last two weeks have shown us a tremendous response for yoga from all over New Zealand. It has been an amazing journey, which is coming to an end on Saturday 27th June. Hopefully the interest in yoga continues. 

At the beginning of this two weeks, we set ourselves a challenge to see if we can do 108,000 sun salutations collectively - as one New Zealand. We have had 3-4 daily classes online and in person with the objective to try and bring yoga to everyone regardless of where we are and regardless of age and ability. 

It is time to check-in and see how we have done as a country.  

Please send us your total count of Sun Salutations by Monday 29th June. 

What is one round of Sun Salutation?

  • Yogathon considers 12 steps as one round of Surya Namaskar(Sun Salutation).

  • Some of you do 24 steps in one round. Right leg first and then the whole round with left leg. If you are practicing this way, we will consider it as two rounds. Please double your count if you do 24 steps in one round. 

  • Some of you do 10 steps as one round and that's also acceptable as one round. 

You can submit your total count with one of the options below.


  2. At our website

  3. Or email us at 

  4. Or send a text with your name at 0223419447 

Every Sun Salutation counts. Thank you very much for contributing to us achieving our goal. 

108,000 Sun Salutations Collectively!

Please watch the space, we will be sharing our total count by Friday 3rd July. 

Best Regards,


Yogathon Team